A Setting From Lucy Lied: The Methodist Episcopal Retreat

In 1875 tent lots and cottage lots were established on a wooded tract about a mile and a half north of the Point Piños lighthouse for a Methodist Episcopal Retreat.  The summer tent camp quickly became known as Pacific Grove.


Above is a picture of the bike path bordering the beach in Pacific Grove.  The mural on the retaining wall by John Ton depicts several tents such as were used for the summer retreat.

The June 13, 1876 issue of the Monterey Californian takes the annual Camp Meeting to task for “picayunishness in many of its dealings,” pointing out that if the Camp Meeting were to allow beer, wine, and liquor to be served in its restaurants, lower the price of a dinner from four bits to two, and erect a dancing platform, the people of Monterey would be better pleased and more genuine sinners would be attracted and subjected to the redemptive influence of the church. LUCY LIED’s Ida Fleming occupies one of several frame cottages that went up near the site of the Camp Meeting not long after its founding in 1875.  After the murder of Lucy’s common-law husband Flynn Talbott, Doc Garrett persuades Ida Fleming to take in the mysterious “Widow Talbott” as a lodger.

Below, a commentary that appears as part of the mural.


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