Writing a book can be a daunting project. There’s a big commitment of time, usually a year or so for me, and in the case of non-fiction there is a lot of careful research. For my book on Rogue Valley wine, I depended on the help of friends to keep me on the job. In the case of fiction, the research is more like stalking. The writer is ever alert for the germ of an idea, the suggestion of a tale in an overheard conversation, like a scent of something delicious wafting by.

The short story “Strangers” sprang from an anecdote that I heard in a feed store in an all but extinct town in Texas. The story eventually made it into a volume titled Downtown Stories published by Downtown Books and Coffee of Auburn, New York.

My  historical novel Lucy Lied was twenty years or more in the works before it ever got the attention of a publisher.  I’m grateful to Michael James of Fireship Press for taking it on and applying such scrupulous editing to produce a lovely final product.