For October, A Homicide Involving a Holiday from Ancient Rome

Going forward in the calendar in the LITTLE RED BOOK OF HOLIDAY HOMICIDES we come to October. I confess that my first instinct was to construct a murder mystery around Halloween. But having already used a scenario of costumed party-goers for January, I couldn’t go there. That left Columbus Day, and that left me uninspired. I resorted to Google to help me find an alternative, the Roman holiday celebrating the new wine and honoring the goddess of healing, Meditrina. The Romans, particularly the Julio-Claudian imperial line were notorious poisoners, so a plot soon came to me, having to do with a gathering of Classicists from a small university in the Southern Oregon town of Bradford (aka “Bardford”), where in the local park Death Cap mushrooms are known to appear at this time of year. LRBCover

This photo of a relief of Meditrina with her winemaking items by Carole Raddato

This photo of a relief of Meditrina by Carole Raddato

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