New Fiction from MJ


The short story collection I call THE LITTLE RED BOOK OF HOLIDAY HOMICIDES begins the year in December with “The Shoe Santa,” a Christmas-noir tale in which Sam Spade’s secretary Effie Perrine discovers the truth about scores of missing boys.  In “Saint Nicholas Abbey Rum,” January’s Twelfth Night party at an English country house is interrupted when someone is fatally poisoned.  February’s homage to President’s Day reveals how a bottle of antique Jefferson Bordeaux is misappropriated and found where the sun don’t shine.  March celebrates baseball’s opening day with a fatal ballpark beaning.  April is for Earth Day and auto-erotic asphyxiation.

You get the idea.  It’s a mix of murder mystery styles ranging from hard-boiled to barely warm, points of view varied among victim, perp and gumshoe, periods and places from sunny San Diego to Upstate New York to a famous theater town in Southern Oregon playfully known as Bardford.  There’s a celebration for everybody, whether you’re into Roman festivals or orthodox atheism … and a murder to boot.

Available as a Kindle book or in paperback on Amazon.

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