Praise for Lucy Lied in Historical Novels Review

Lucy Lied Book CoverM. J. Daspit presents readers with a delicious historical mystery in Lucy Lied. 

Monterey, California in the 1870s is an untamed place, and when Flynn Talbott is found with his skull smashed in, nobody is sorry that the brawling farmer was killed. On the other hand, a culprit must be found, and suspicion falls on Lucy Strang, Talbott’s common-law wife.
Lucy cannot speak on her behalf, for she is mute. However, she testifies with
nods that she cannot remember the day her “husband” died. Doctor Jason Garrett asks her to reenact the killing, but when she tries, he demonstrates that Lucy would have dislocated her shoulder in the effort. Doctor Garrett knows this because he had already treated Lucy after Talbott beat her and wrenched her shoulder from its socket. The young woman is exonerated, and Doctor Garrett begins to court her despite their age difference. At the same time, he is fascinated by her muteness, believing it stems from some sort of psychic trauma. Can he cure Lucy, and is there truth to the suspicions in town that Lucy is not as mute as she seems?
M. J. Daspit presents readers with a delicious historical mystery in Lucy Lied. Daspit’s cast of characters is complex and colorful, yet believable in this Larry McMurtry visits Cannery Row mashup, and they cross and double-cross each other with ease. Steinbeck fans aren’t the only readers who will love this book’s atmosphere, and I heartily recommend Lucy Lied to everyone.

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